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Rent Your Cake

As the big day approaches, expenses will continue to mount. Choosing the perfect cake, will be only one decision you’ll make, in a long line of costs. Why not seize the opportunity to have both the cake of your dreams and save money too !

Every aspect of planning your event, must be analyzed. You need to exhibit, both your good taste, as well as your financial savvy, so start with the cake.

Your cake is a centerpiece. It says a lot about you, and who you are. First, let’s explore the look of the finished product. Is it traditional? Is it contemporary? Are the tiers stacked or separated? Round, square, rectangular or other? Does it have flowers, and if so, real or gum paste?

You’re beginning to get the message. This may not be as simple as you thought. However, give this idea a try. What if you found your ideal cake on the cover of a magazine. You have no idea what’s in it, or what it’s made with, but it looks beautiful. It looks like it costs a fortune. So far, everything you’ve said about this cake, has nothing to do with its flavor or taste. It’s all about eye appeal. So, why not rent that cake from us. YES, RENT IT.

All our rental cakes are covered with fully edible fondant. They can then be adorned with gum paste flowers, or any other edible/inedible decoration. They can have silk flowers, real flowers . . . .anything you want. I defy you to tell that it’s not a real cake, without cutting into it. The inside is styrene foam.


Think about it. One “ceremonial” piece is cut from the cake and it’s then whisked back into the kitchen to be carved by the caterer. No guest ever sees the inside! Our rental cakes can contain a slot to insert a piece of real cake, to be cut, as part of the festivities. No one will ever know.
Now let’s explore the actual part of the cake, you and your guest will be eating. What flavor and texture should the layers contain? One uniform filing, or a variety, based on each tier ? Are there other desserts, and should the cake contrast or compliment them ? With our rental cake, it doesn’t matter. Go to a local bakery, supermarket or warehouse store. Buy as many different sheet cakes as you need to feed your guest. You’ll have an endless variety available, at pennies a serving. Tell your caterer to cut BIG pieces, it doesn’t matter. They didn’t cost you $10.00 a slice! Yet, once they're on the plate, only you will know.

Take a look at a few of the example rental cakes we’ve posted on our site. We started as a conventional, specialty cake baker. We still sell custom event cakes, at $10.00-$15.00 a slice, and more. Clearly, the taste, texture and filings of our custom products outclass a warehouse vendor by far. However, that may not be what you’re looking for. If it is, call us and schedule a tasting. If it’s not, choose one of our rental cakes and use the extra money somewhere else!

When your event is over, the rental cake is returned. Nothing could be easier or more cost effective.

We started this concept because, Joëlle believes;

“Regardless of economics. . .EVERY person deserves the cake of their dreams !”